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Who we are

Bhandari Marbles remarkable journey as India’s leading marble purveyor began in 1970 with the foundation being laid in the town of Makrana. Pioneers of the Marble Industry, Bhandari Marbles offers the largest collection of Marble and other array of stones. Today we have the largest exotic collection of Top Italian Marbles.

Having ruled over the marble industry for a period of five decades, we have surged to become one of the largest importers of marble from over 45 countries. Years later, another venture by us, SquareFeet Marbles, made its mark. As a brand, we believe in utilising all our resources in the best interest of our clients. We aim to exhibit high values of design, adding masterpieces to your abodes and strive to be a globally acknowledged name rendering professionalism and efficiency in everything we do. We are one among the top Italian Marble Dealers in Kishangarh. For the imported marble in kishangarh, pl. contact us email us for the product brochure.

The Three C’s of Square Feet


Our brand boasts of a perfect sense of clarity when it comes to meeting the needs of the clients.


We thrive to provide consistent performance in terms of extracting, finishing, and polishing of the world-class marble.


With us, comes our credibility of being a part of one of the most experienced marble branding in India.

The Journey of a marble

A stone travels several miles and goes through a lot of stages before it’s transformed into marble. At Square Feet, we maintain the consistency and uniformity in the quailty right from the first stage. Starting from the quarry till the furnished product, our team of experts takes utmost care in ensuring 100% efficiency at all stages.


Give that visual appeal, that shine, that lustrous touch to your homes with our state of the art and always in demand Marble collection. With Elegance and timeless beauty combined, we deliver to you not just marble but a masterpiece to adorn your abodes.



Experience eternal beauty and grace with our finest quality Granite collection. Design desirable homes, workplaces in your own style. Make your dreams come true by adding that finesse to your homes.



Give your dreams and imagination a whole new dimension with our significant Indian Marble collection. Promising you to deliver magnificence and etching an impression forever in your hearts.

What Our Clients Say

Explore the world of Imported Marbles

We provide you with a wide range of world class imported marbles with a promise of perfection. With an intention to keep faith and transparency , by taking utmost care of your choices and requirements with efficient supervision at every step from raw extract to the final product.