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Maintaining the marble!

The purity of white marble has no bounds. It brings along with it soothing effects of serenity and peace in your homes. But one has to pay a price to keep the marble white. Sounds like a tedious job, isnt it?

We’ll make it easy for you. Here are some tips to keep those tops spic and span: Soma free consultation 1) Regular cleaning and polishing.

One of the most effective ways to keep dust and stains off your marble floor or countertop is to clean it on a regular basis. Clean it with warm tap water with a wet cloth preferably microfibre cloth. For a marble floor rubbing a mop over it helps in maintaining the shine. The trick is to keep the marble dry.

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It is not enough to keep the marble air dry, since water also leave sit own stains. Use a microfibre clothe as mentioned above to sip marble until it becomes dry.

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Spreading a mix of baking soda and water in the ratio of three tablespoons to one quart of water on the marble and letting it sit on the marble for a few hours, post which cleaning it really works wonders. SATURDAY DELIVERY Soma COD ~ Soma NO SCRIPT NEEDED COD OVERNIGHT 4) Hydrogen Peroxide

Another way to get stains off your marble is by applying hydrogen peroxide over the stain and covering it with a wet paper and leaving it for a certain period works miracles.

Cleaning is an everyday affair but maintaining your marble is a whole different one. Short tips in order to maintain the pristine placements in your home: Order Soma online without prescription 1) Wipe away stains immediately - Don’t wait long , since marble is porous it is bound to leave impressions. Keep care when using acidic substances such as lemon, coffee, wine etc., order soma for over night delivery 2) Cleaners - There are all sorts of cleaners available out there but ensure that you purchase cleaners that are formulated to clean marble alone.

soma online overnight 3) Coasters - Condensation ring are bound to leave stains and etch on your marble forever. Using coasters and cutting boards on marble countertops is a healthy practice for your marble’s good health.

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