Indian Marble vs Imported Marble - Which one is right for you?

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Indian Marble vs Imported Marble – Which one is right for you?


Some traditions are timeless. The use of marble dates centuries back, and it continues to be a preferred interiors and exteriors choice. The mesmerizing look and fascinating hues with beautiful textures and variegations make marble stand out from other natural and artificial materials. Marble is an architect’s and interior designer’s delight.

Marble is also known as crystallized limestone. Sedimentary rocks, when subjected to high temperature and pressure form, crystals. These result in metamorphic rocks formation. This metamorphic rock is a marble. High temperature destroys most of the impurities present. The minerals in the rock form the veins, and these variegations are different in each marble, making each marble slab unique.

The crystals formed due to high temperature make marble hard and durable. It makes marble an ideal choice for home and commercial spaces. It has varied applications and can be used as flooring, countertops, on walls, etc. Marble is polished to give it a shiny appearance which makes it look exquisite and luxurious.

In India, both Indian and imported marble are available. Are you wondering which one is better or will fit your home or office? Keep reading to find out.


Imported Marble

A variety of Indian marble is available, yet imported marbles are extremely popular among buyers. Let’s look at some of the qualities of imported marble that make them a preferred option.


The sophisticated white marble

White is a color associated with purity, softness, and perfection. The use of white marble in architecture is ages old, a trend that continues even today. The soothing appeal of white marble is unmatched. The intricate venation of grey or black makes the marble look charming. The most popular white marbles include Michael Angelo, Carrara and Statuario.


Admirable Hues of colored marble

Imported marble comes in numerous hues giving the customer a wider choice. While white marble continues to dominate, colored marble is also being used widely in interiors and exteriors. Colored marble imparts a very stylish and contemporary look to the spaces. Popular imported coloured marble include Saren Collin, Belgium Brown, Bronze Santorini, Grey Temptation and Black Onyx.



Adding to the luxury

Although imported marble is costlier than their Indian counterpart, they are in high demand. Imported marbles provide large varieties of colors and patterns and impart a luxurious vibe to the surroundings.


Square Feet Marble, located at Kishangarh, is a leading imported marble supplier. Our state-of-the-art facility has all the modern machinery for processing marble and presenting you with a splendid product.

Square Feet Marble boasts of an exhaustive collection of the choicest imported marbles, including white imported marble.

Adorn your residences and commercial spaces with the best quality imported marbles. Also available are imported marble suitable for flooring.


Square Feet Marble is also a leading supplier of Italian marble. Italian marble is highly luminous and has an exquisite appearance. It is considered one of the expensive and quality marbles in the world. Italian marble is available in slabs of thickness 18-20 mm.


The Splendid Indian Marble

Now let us delve into the qualities of Indian marble.


The most commonly used marble in India is Indian marble.

Indian marbles have a medium luster as compared to imported marbles, which are highly lustrous. It is available in numerous colors, textures, and thicknesses.


Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh are the prominent states where Indian marbles are obtained. Indian marble is available in various thicknesses, and slabs as thick as 30 mm are available.


Many beautiful monuments in India speak of the grandness of Indian marble. The Taj Mahal made from the Makrana marble of Rajasthan is an example of the grandiosity and quality of Indian marble. Other marble wonders of our country include The Lake Palace of Udaipur, Marble Palace of Kolkata, Amber Palace at Amer Jaipur, to name a few.


Versatile Application:

Indian marble is cost-effective. Indian marble is versatile and has multiple applications. It is ideal for walls, bathroom, countertops of kitchen and tables, and more. Marble is the best flooring option as the marble finish is durable and makes your spaces look stunning. You can’t match marble flooring to any other option available.



Popular Indian Marbles

White Makrana marble, white Ambaji marble from Gujarat, Indian Statuario marble, Jodhpur pink marble, and Onyx marble are famous Indian marbles. Andhi marble is available in pista green color, while Jaisalmer marble has beautiful yellow hues. Abu marble has a beautiful black color, and Bidasar marbles range from deep green to muddy brown. Other varieties include Indian green marble and Katni marble.

Final Words

Marble both, Italian and Indian make spaces look stunning. But it is crucial to maintain marble to keep it looking elegant. Marble floors or countertops must be kept clean, and dust removed regularly. Use soft detergents or special marble-cleaning liquids so that the marble is not spoiled. You must avoid dragging heavy objects on marble flooring lest cracks may develop. Clean any spills immediately to protect from stains.

If you are contemplating buying a new home or refurbishing your spaces, go for marble, as the beauty and magnificence of the marble finish are unparalleled. Also, due to the availability of a wide variety, you can find marble that is perfect for your spaces.

Many options are available in the market, like vitrified tiles, but the marble has not lost its sheen and continues to be the most preferred option for home and office decor. Marble can be carved and made into different shapes, which is not possible in artificial materials.

Now that you are aware of the merits of both Indian and imported marble, you can choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Pick the finest imported marble from Square Feet Marble and make your home and offices look elegant and sophisticated. Make the right choice.

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